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Periodic Inspection & Testing?

The 'Electricity at Work Regulations 1989' in Regulations 4(1) and 4(2) lay down the requirement to ensure that an electrical installation should be designed, installed, constructed and maintained in a safe manner at all times. The basis for periodic inspection and testing is derived from Guidance Note 3 of the 'IEE Wiring Regulations 7671:2018'.

Inspection & Testing of an electrical installation generates a Periodic Inspection Report which is a condition report supplemented by testing results.

The Inspection of an electrical installation should be carried out in accordance with 712-01-03 of the 'IEE Inspection and Testing Guidance Note 3'. Conducted by a team of two competent qualified inspectors, the Inspection could highlight a number of defects on an electrical system.

Once testing is completed and reports are produced we are then able to discuss our findings and give advice about any remedial action that may be required. As a client you are not obliged to use us to carry out the repairs.

The Testing of an electrical installation follows BS7671:2018.

Testing is carried out as far as is reasonably practicable as defined in EaWR 1989.

Electrical Network Drawings

Electrical Network Drawings are an essential part of an electrical safety programme and detail the low voltage side of the transformer to control panels, switchgear and distribution boards. Accurate network drawings not only provide a safe system of work for maintenance and other staff, but also serve to improve the efficiency of maintenance and installation work.

The current edition of BS7671:2018 (Wiring Regulations) requires circuit diagrams and other information (Regulation 514-09). EaWR 1989, Regulation 12 - an ABSOLUTE Regulation - calls for methods of identifying circuits by marking labelling or numbering. In commenting on this requirement - Guidance Note 3 to the 'Wiring Regulations - Inspection and Testing' indicates that it is also a legal requirement to have Network Drawings. It states that:

'If the inspection and testing cannot be carried out safely without diagrams or equivalent information, Section 6 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 can be interpreted to require their preparation.'

Network Drawings should detail the following:

  • Transformer / Generator Details
  • Main Earth Bar
  • Cable Size and Type
  • Efli (Zdb) & Pfc (kA) Values at Each Relevant Point
  • Locations of Switchgear
  • Type, Number of Ways / Phases and rating of DBs
  • Type, Size and Rating of Isolators, Contactors, Busbar Tap-Off Boxes.
  • Contactors

Pat Testing

'The Electricity at Work Regulations Act' places a responsibility on employers, employees and self-employed persons to take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment at work.

An important part of this responsibility is the proper maintenance of portable electrical appliances, particularly as the Health and Safety Executive estimates that a quarter of electrical accidents involve portable appliances. Portable appliance testing (PAT), is therefore, an essential part of any good health and safety policy. We are able to offer a regular programme of maintenance, inspection and testing of appliances to help ensure clients can continue to operate in a safe manner while fully complying with all relevant regulations.

Dedicated portable appliance testing engineers (C&G 2377 & 2381 qualified) work closely with clients to provide a smooth and efficient service, from managing the testing programme to carrying out the works, through to producing the test reports.

Our comprehensive programmes are regarded as an essential service for many of our clients. Whether providing frequency assessments, technical advice or undertaking extensive testing programmes, we are confident of our ability to deliver the highest possible standards of quality and service.

Our range of services include:

  • FREE consultation, quotation and frequency assessment
  • Comprehensive programming and management of testing
  • Full test results and reports
  • Co-ordinated labelling systems
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